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Cost Garage Remodeling Services in Cincinnati

There are many ways to transform your garage into a more functional space. One of the most common is converting it into an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), a self-contained living space with a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

The cost of a garage conversion can range from $80 to $120 per square foot. It depends on the construction material you choose, and how much building labor is involved.

Garage Floor Coating

A professionally applied garage floor coating is one of the most effective ways to protect a concrete garage floor. Not only does it look great, but it’s also durable and resistant to hot tire picks up, scratches, stains, and UV rays.

Epoxy has long been a popular choice for garage floors, and there are many different types of epoxy flooring systems to choose from. They’re available in either one or two part formulas.

Two part epoxy garage floor treatments are often the most expensive and exacting, but they’re also considered the most durable. They’re also aesthetically attractive, and can come with an optional textured finish to decrease slipperiness when wet.

They’re usually sold in kit form at hardware stores, home improvement centers and paint stores as a DIY option. They can be quite slippery if they’re wet, though, so you may want to invest in texturizing the floor with traction additive flakes or other aggregate to provide more grip.

Garage Storage Solutions

When it comes to garage storage solutions, Cincinnati has no shortage of options. In fact, it is home to many well-known brands that offer a variety of innovative products and services.

To get the best value for your buck, look for storage solutions that are durable and made to stand up to frequent changes in temperature and moisture. Some companies even provide climate-controlled units to protect your most prized possessions from the elements.

The best storage solutions also include organizational and design features to keep clutter at bay. For example, the best garage shelving systems can include a variety of hooks and compartments to keep everything in its place. The right shelving system can also make it easy to find what you need when you need it. A quality product can save you time and money down the line. The most important thing to consider is how you use your space and what you want to store in your new storage system.

Garage Lighting

Adding proper lighting to your garage is an important part of your home’s design. It can help improve the mood of the space and make it easier for you to perform tasks in it, such as painting or working on repairs.

In addition, it can also increase your safety when navigating the garage. To keep your electric bill down, choose energy-efficient LED or fluorescent bulbs that deliver the same light output as incandescent lights at a lower wattage.

For more general or accent lighting, consider recessed ceiling fixtures. These are typically dome-shaped and hang from the ceiling, not taking up any floor space.

To ensure a more natural-looking light, consider choosing bulbs that have high CRI, which is an index of how closely they resemble sunlight. Bulbs that have a CRI of 85 or higher are recommended.

The type of lighting you need depends on your garage’s size and the function of its areas. Generally, ambient lighting should illuminate the floors and walls evenly; task lights should cast light down onto work surfaces; and accent lights are meant to shine light on objects that you want to highlight.

Garage Door Replacement

Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial business owner, your garage door is one of the most important safety and security features in your home. That’s why it’s crucial to take care of it regularly and make sure repairs are made properly.

The cost to repair a broken garage door depends on its materials, how much work needs to be done, and the type of problem it’s experiencing. Generally, minor repairs on metal doors are less expensive than they are on doors made of composite or wood.

The average cost to repair a dented garage door is around $100. However, if the dent is on a composite or wood door, it may need to be replaced entirely. The cost of a new panel can run from $150 to $1,500.

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